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Video Dulson Technologies Innovation Management Case Study

SharpCloud is the only data-driven tool agile enough to enable strategic planning, communication and collaboration to facilitate effective innovation management. 

An effective way to communicate your strategic roadmaps in R&D, NPD, Innovation, Engineering or Projects, SharpCloud has the ability to keep people informed with live, agile and up-to-date information.

SharpCloud improves the process of building and maintaining strategic roadmaps by structuring and visualising large amounts of complex information. SharpCloud allows you to align business functions with corporate strategy and project precision into the future.

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Features in this video

  • Agile

    Higher quality results, in less time, at lower cost and risk

  • Collaboration

    Keep innovative ideas transparent and evolving

  • Meaningful Insight

    Identify and visualise achievable innovations

  • User Autonomy

    Select tags, filters and categories within views and organise your data