It's free to download but requires a paid SharpCloud subscription (Premium, Personal, Collaborator), or Trial.

Windows Users

  • Requires Windows 7 or later
Install for Windows 64bit Install for Windows 32bit
  • Click on the Install button and allow the file to "Run".
  • If you see the "Windows Protected your PC Message", click on "more info" and choose "Allow".
  • The application will be installed to your programs and a shortcut added to your desktop.

macOS Users

  • Requires macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.
Install for macOS
  • Run the installer.


In order to access a story offline first ensure that you are connected to the internet

  • Run the ‘SharpCloud for Desktop’ application.
  • On first use you will be prompted to ‘Work Offline’ or ‘Sign in’. You must choose ‘Sign in’ until you have at least one story saved offline.
  • You will be resented with Sign In window for your SharpCloud username and password. Note, unlike the previous offline you may be redirected to Office365/AAD signin if appropriate.
  • Once signed in you will now be able see and open your recent stories. Once opened, they will remain available offline on the left panel - even when you are disconnected.
  • Once your story is available offline, it is disconnected from other users.
  • If you have permission to, you can make changes whilst offline. All editing features are available except for uploading docs and images, and creating new stories.
  • Use the "Sync" button to synchronise your changes with other changes that may have been made online.
  • If the story has changed online, use the "Pull" button to up update your offline copy.

For more information on working Offline see our FAQs


Note that the Desktop application can be configured to point to more than one “instance” of SharpCloud, allowing you to use the application with the public version of Sharploud (i.e. and your own private instance if you have one (e.g. and you are running a version later than 6.7.0118.