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State of Hawaii Receive Chaucer Digital Innovation Award

The Chaucer Digital Innovation Awards seek out cutting-edge projects and reward them. The State of Hawaii Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) are the first winner of the North America category.

Todd Nacupuy, Chief Information Officer and his IT Governance team receive their Chaucer Digital Innovation Award from Hawaii Governor, David Ige.

State of Hawaii Award

State of Hawaii: IT Roadmap Initiative  Changing the Way Government Is Run in Hawaii using Roadmapping in SharpCloud

The State of Hawaii Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) developed this initiative to improve the state’s IT governance process and promote organizational change using a strategic plan by means of data visualization.

A strategic roadmap to aid communication within the agency was created to facilitate planning of IT projects across all state executive branch departments and enhance government transparency.

Last year, the strategic planning through the use of the roadmaps saved the State of Hawaii over $11 million. This year to date it has saved the state an additional $14 million. Read more here.

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