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SharpCloud Sponsor at 10th Annual Risk Leaders Conference in London 2019

We were excited to be a sponsor at the 10th Annual Risk Leaders Conference on Thursday 14th November 2019 at Inmarsat, London where vistors got the opportunity to see how SharpCloud's agile technology can help to visualise and manage risk across your business portfolio and support and simplify complex executive decision making. 

10th Risk Leaders

SharpCloud can effectively organise, report and present portfolio data and findings, no matter how complex and improve transparency, visibility and collaboration across strategic portfolio’s. This top-down approach highlights new insights and relationships for informed decision making, putting the power back in the hands of C-Level executives.

What are the real risk issues for boards today?

Are they pre-occupied with fighting short term tactical battles while missing some big picture changes like digital disruption and climate change? Or are these sorts of risks just too big and impossible to handle, leaving resilience as the best defence. Given the increased volatility of the external environment, how should boards approach their governance and risk management responsibilities? What can be done to help organisations instil the behaviours at all levels that will meet the needs of stakeholders and enhance reputation? 

This year’s Risk Leaders conference focused on some of the cutting edge thinking that is emerging across the world to address these big issues.

Network Rail keep winning awards using SharpCloud

"Getting senior leadership attention and enabling the organisation to understand and manage the risks of achieving our objectives; for me SharpCloud is priceless."

David Shipp, Enterprise Risk Manager, Network Rail

"SharpCloud stories have allowed us to uncover new insight, in particular around the strength of relationships between risks and projects with the added ability to dive down into details when required. Without SharpCloud these strategic discussions would be much less productive and less meaningful."

Helen Hunter Jones, Head of Group Risk, Network Rail

3D Spinning GIF

SharpCloud provides a different way of visualising and interpreting the data, which immediately grabs people’s attention as they are so used to seeing it in more traditional formats such as written, PowerPoint slides or Excel, where they can’t actually get to the data.

Being able to articulate the data back in a clear way and show the relationships between the different component parts, which is key in risk management, enables you to slice and dice the data and bring it much closer to the decision makers, with the ability to summarise it or dive into the detail as required.

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