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SharpCloud Software raises Series A funds!

London, October 16th, 2019

The Road to Enterprise Digital Transformation

We’ve spent the last 7 years building SharpCloud based on our firm belief from the late 90s’ that traditional business BI and analytics software doesn’t work for executives and teams involved in complex decision making. From working closely with many of you on early digital transformation projects, we know that you agree with us and we’re excited to announce that SharpCloud has raised £4.5M in funding from a fantastic new investor, YFM Equity Partners (“YFM”).

This is our first major round of investment, having initially funded by bootstrapping from some customer revenue and our own savings (generated from the sale of Pertmaster Ltd).

It’s taken time and our progress has been steady. We’re building SharpCloud for the long-run and it’s been a privilege to spend quality time with busy customers and partners that share our vision; to simplify complex decision making. Our early customers working on their digital transformations have been pivotal to help shape SharpCloud and solve a 30-year old business problem. This is the main reason why SharpCloud is less a point software tool and more a powerful business platform to support executive decision making across many areas of business (e.g. Risk Management, Strategic Roadmapping, Project Portfolios, Innovation Management…).

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We believe our customer-centric approach will create a lasting business with huge potential.

During the last 7 years, we’ve attracted a brilliant team of 18 superstars who have developed and supported software that customers describe as unique, amazing, intuitive and flexible, enabling business people with new insights by transforming and communicating complex data and collateral. Our journey has been challenging - Rusty describes it as working on a F1 car while it’s being driven on the track - ultimately, it’s been a rich and rewarding experience for two friends that met on the first day at Lancaster University with a belief that business software could just be so much better.

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However, we have far more to achieve and that’s why we’ve raised funds. We want SharpCloud to be the new standard for executive management and digital transformation teams involved in making complex business decisions. To meet our ambitions we’ll need to provide broader international support and management to our growing global customers, while we also accelerate our product development roadmap.

We have brilliant people – we now need more if you’re interested in joining - and we’ve found an amazing investor to help us grow and transform our business to take it to the next level. Our customers tell us it’s the right time to go for growth while staying true to our original vision, to make complex decision making simpler.

We’re excited about what the future holds and the road ahead, get in touch if you’d like to be part of our journey!

Sarim, Rusty and the SharpCloud Team

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