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Simplifying complex business decisions

Meet Data Visualisation Consultant Chris Panteli, from Chaucer Consulting

"SharpCloud is great for visualising your data and bringing another dimension into your discussions. Being able to navigate data quickly and easily, through different customisable views, speeds up the business process."

- Chris Panteli, Managing Consultant, Chaucer Consulting



Chris talks about how SharpCloud is helping his client in the pharmaceutical industry to visualise and navigate huge amounts of data.

The business problem

The client had a huge amount of information, spread over twenty or more different spreadsheets, each with thousands of lines of data. We were looking at the regulatory requirements for over seventy countries, each with significant differences determined by various factors. We needed to be able to identify which regulatory requirements each country had, and any similarities between countries.

In addition to this, the client was using outsourced companies to provide specific services, so they didn't actually have the data in-house. The data was in many different places and we somehow needed to collate it, put it all into one source and then view it by country and/or the particular regulatory categories. 

How did SharpCloud help?

We collated all of the data into one huge spreadsheet and then used SharpCloud to visualise different cuts of the data, by different categories. We were then able to clean up the data, providing us with an information source that we could take to a particular country, in order to validate the data. 

One person worked on collating the various spreadsheets but the rest of the team were able to view the data through SharpCloud, rather than having to navigate one huge confusing spreadsheet. SharpCloud simplifed the process of accessing and visualising the data, as well as providing a visualisation of the different documents across regions. This allowed the team to identify gaps in the documentation, which could be targeted and remediated. 

Why did this problem exist?

The client didn't have a comprehensive portfolio of data. They needed to bring different sources of data from different parts of the organisation together, in order to try and understand what they had. 

In order to do this, the client wanted to bring certain outsourced services back in-house, but the internal intelligence groups who previously ran those services, no longer existed. The client was lacking the knowledge, skills and expertise in-house to deal with the problem.

How could the client combine all of their data and view it in one place, using one platform?

We knew SharpCloud could help. SharpCloud has been able to source and visualise the data into viewable chunks. We have been able to extract the relevant data from SharpCloud and package it up in certain country categories, to then get it validated. Being able to share that data and collaborate with it, also helped to speed up the validation process. Without SharpCloud, we wouldn't have been able to do this so quickly.

"SharpCloud goes hand in hand with our business. Our consultants can deliver the solution using SharpCloud."

What makes SharpCloud unique?

Visualisation: We have been able to instantly visualise the regulatory requirements for each country, link those countries with similar requirements, and create a view to extract that data for specific countries, package it up and send it out for validation. 

Relationships: Being able to identify synergies between different countries, helps decide where to allocate resources in order to move services forward.

"SharpCloud is great for visualising your data and bringing another dimension into your discussions. Being able to navigate data quickly and easily through different, customisable views speeds up the business process."


The client is very happy with the output and SharpCloud has enabled us to deliver a solution. SharpCloud goes hand in hand with our business.

Headline consulting partner, Chaucer specialise in digital transformation and programme management, delivering technology and data driven change. With expertise spanning consulting, life sciences and digital, Chaucer can help you to use SharpCloud to plan, visualise and implement strategic change in your organisation. 

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