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Simplifying complex business decisions

Maximise the Value of your SharpCloud Solutions

Maximise the value of your SharpCloud solutions with Andy Ogg, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions. 

Andy Blog 

2019 is going to be an exciting year for me with some amazing challenges ahead.

After 20 years of consulting and leading as MD, at a firm focused on Business Intelligence business solutions, I decided it was time for a new adventure.

Having met Sarim and Rusty in the early days of SharpCloud, I have followed and kept in touch with them on their progress and the evolution of the software. We began discussing how my business solutions experience could help SharpCloud mature their enterprise business offerings.

With my data-driven background in Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Warehousing, I could clearly see the opportunity for SharpCloud to appeal to broader enterprise user communities via focused use-case and product integrations. SharpCloud is different! It compliments line of business BI tools and its ability to provide powerful visualisation combined with relationships, make it unique in identifying new insights for strategic decision making.

I joined the SharpCloud team last month to delve deeper into the usage of SharpCloud for end to end business solutions, and to provide greater support and guidance to Customers and Partners in delivering solutions powered by SharpCloud; enterprise solutions to help view the business simply and in one place.

Having a great product and platform is only half the story and my role as Enterprise Business Solutions Director is to focus on ensuring we have the right guidance and support in place to design and integrate SharpCloud with existing line of business systems and processes, in the optimum way, with the right security, governance and data management.

SharpCloud Enterprise Business Solutions brings together our existing Professional Services team, focused on customer success and training, with our new Business and Technical Consulting capability for Data, Automation and Integration.

SharpCloud as a platform will help to view your business in one place and deliver meaningful insight to a wide range of strategic goals or problems that need addressing. Our 4 key enterprise solution use cases are the start point for my journey.

Sharpcloud Enterprise Graphic draft 5.2 (2)

Our Pathfinders have already pointed us in the right direction for some of the key insights our platform can deliver and some of the problems it can help solve.

Organisations continue to strive for the right tools to help them achieve greater transparency and greater automation and intersection with their business processes. Solutions powered by SharpCloud add value to users at all levels.

C-suite executives can identify and focus on the key initiatives and projects that are strategically relevant, leading a structured process rather than micro managing the execution.

Process Owners have a single source of truth, data driven views, and a shared understanding and process which will bring more resilience to the business and ultimately better decisions.

Business Teams are empowered, working on real business rather than creating slide decks and spreadsheets, increasing staff productivity.

Our flexible approach to resourcing and the depth of our capabilities allows SharpCloud to provide a variety of possibilities to meet your needs. Our combined team will work closely with customers and partners to understand and help them solve their business problems and achieve the desired outcomes from their investment in SharpCloud Software.

Everything we do gives you the foundation to scale. We understand the implementation and growth cycle and have the capability and confidence to offer the reassurance of an enterprise solution that can scale from the initial fifty users to thousands of users. Our experts can help with the infrastructure and installation, so you can more easily embed SharpCloud into your products and processes.

For businesses looking for a robust and strategic solution, which can be implemented and aligned to its business portfolio, then we have the service offering and the capability.

For a more enterprise IT led discussion contact Andy Ogg Andy@sharpcloud.com


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