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Simplifying complex business decisions

Enhance Your Business Processes with SharpCloud Widgets for Integration

SharpCloud becomes far more valuable when it’s enriching existing business processes or enabling entire new business processes, as its ability to provide powerful visualisation makes it truly unique in identifying previously unseen insights. Solutions powered by SharpCloud add value to users at all levels.

Andy BlogSharpCloud is brilliant at mapping together top down strategy and bottom up execution. No matter what tools or technologies you’re using to track, guide and deliver your projects, SharpCloud sits a layer above that and brings in the necessary and relevant information required from your line of business systems and management tools, enabling leadership teams to make more informed decisions around your Portfolio. SharpCloud is designed to provide insight over existing project and programme management solutions not replace them.

For example, SharpCloud’s customisable ‘views’ allow you to visualise your projects in Gantt formats, as a Kanban, or in whatever form helps your team to ensure that tasks are completed to schedule. Views can also give the PMO the oversight it needs to evaluate different projects for their contribution to the portfolio. 


Widgets can now add new functionality to your story. Widgets within SharpCloud come in a number of guises, from 'buttons', text boxes or annotations embedded in other SharpCloud views, to those from other systems through to full integration connectors to third party data sources.

By embedding connector widgets into your story views you can seamlessly expose and create powerful SharpCloud visualisations from your data. These connectors use REST API’s to read and write data directly to and from third party products to SharpCloud. Examples of this include Jira, Azure DevOPs, SharePoint and more.

An example of a widget is SharpCloud providing complete integration with Jira.

With the ability to connect to Jira, SharpCloud allows you to communicate, interact, and collaborate around your projects. Inbuilt presentation tools allow you to prepare and communicate the performance of individual projects or the portfolio in a visually compelling and dynamic way that empowers real collaboration across teams. SharpCloud brings transparency, agility and control to your operational and reporting processes.

Hoerbiger are using SharpCloud to implement a clear strategy for product and project management, leading to improved transparency, accountability and efficiency across the organisation. All information on their portfolio, projects and development processes are housed in SharpCloud.

"My organization uses SharpCloud to manage our product development projects, resulting in a 10% increase in efficiency. We use SharpCloud to display and leverage data from other line of business tools; Jira, Jira Confluence, MS Office Project, CRM system and SAP. This provides us with a single source of truth.

SharpCloud allows us to collaborate in real time. Project information and updates are now accessible online and offline to both key stakeholders and the product development team. Everyone is on the same page.”

- Diana Grauer, Ph. D, Vice President of Engineering, Hoerbiger

Despite an incredibly innovative engineering team, Hoerbiger were lacking direction and priority for projects. Each of their efforts were ad hoc and they were suffering from not having a clear strategy for product and project management – they were lacking a roadmap. With SharpCloud, clear processes have been implemented and by using SharpCloud for forms and templates they have clear traceability within their projects and portfolio. Read more here.

The Value of SharpCloud for Jira             

  • SharpCloud is more engaging, collaborative and interactive and a way of solving the same problem with greater speed and efficiency.
  • No need to get rid of the tools you already use; using SharpCloud above them will ensure more insight into projects, the capture of human knowledge and a more visual dynamic way of presenting and reporting your data.
  • SharpCloud is Agile software for teams to visually collaborate, co-create, and present roadmaps.

SharpCloud is easy to use within your existing environment of LoB tools and technology landscape and supports the entire end to end business process; all the people, tools, technologies, actions and data that are involved in taking the inputs and then delivering the output in whatever form that might be.

SharpCloud as a platform will help to view your business in one place and deliver meaningful insight to a wide range of strategic goals or problems that need addressing.

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