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Simplifying complex business decisions

Become a SharpCloud Pathfinder


Business is changing, fast. Winning companies in the future will understand the changing dynamics between the company, its employees and customers, and deal with the constant change by creating a more transparent, agile and collaborative environment, where everyone is working together to achieve a shared, clear vision. 

Rather than the “leaders on high” determining strategy and operational decisions and pushing them down through the organisation, decisions will be pulled from the edges of the organisation, where the employees are closest to customers, and increasingly working directly in partnership with them. Customers will influence more and more decisions over time.  


Here at SharpCloud we’ve spent a lot of time working with brave people who are challenging the status quo and finding a new way to achieve their business objectives. We’ve noticed that SharpCloud can act as a catalyst in supporting them and helping to break siloed behaviour, around business collaboration and reporting, enabling them to better tell their story. 

Based on our recent experiences, we believe future winners will be those enterprise companies where leadership, supported but not lead by IT, create a culture for dynamic cross-business collaboration.  

Our role is very simple in this new world. We or via our strategic partners, provide you with a visual software platform and you create dynamic business templates to improve your processes. Ultimately your business wins as your teams make better decisions based on previously unknown business insights. 

Who are the business leaders of the future? 

Great leadership teams always adapt fast. We really value our partner's and customer's loyalty, and want the key thought leaders and experts who share our vision, to be at the forefront of our growth, product and business development. 

With that in mind and as part of our continued focus on growing SharpCloud's industry presence, we are launching a new program to identify, accredit and reward SharpCloud "Pathfinders"; individuals at partner and customer companies who are demonstrating valuable business use-cases, using SharpCloud.  

We have designed our “Pathfinders” program to benefit these forward-thinking people and their businesses, who are sharing and promoting industry best-practice, using SharpCloud, to reinvent a business process. We believe pathfinders are the business leaders of the future. 

Why be a Pathfinder? 

Studies show that most Pathfinder activity is driven by internal motivations and social identity; to be a key influencer that is always “in the know”.  

Key influencers who regularly demonstrate and recommend best-practice using SharpCloud, are invaluable to our business growth. We want to offer a range of benefits and account privileges to accredited Pathfinders, to support their enthusiasm and expertise for SharpCloud, in turn helping to raise their personal credibility and industry recognition.  

Personal benefits will include exclusive/pre-release information on new software features, promoting business use cases and Pathfinders via joint activities such as webinars, events, blogs, and on our social network, nominations for industry awards and acknowledging a Pathfinders status within SharpCloud.   

Corporate benefits for Pathfinders will include financial incentives towards future purchases and privileged access to the SharpCloud Roadmap, via a Thought Leadership Group who will meet quarterly with Rusty Johnson, our CTO, starting in Q4 2017. Advance viewing of the SharpCloud Roadmap will give companies the opportunity to influence and improve the software for the purposes of their business processes and use cases.  

In addition, Partner Pathfinders will have the opportunity to host the Thought Leadership Group and invite key customers who will get to hear first-hand what's coming up on the SharpCloud Roadmap. 

Industry kudos 

For example, Network Rail, has benefitted from advocating SharpCloud, winning industry awards, gaining recognition and raising their profile in the Risk arena. They have publicly demonstrated how they have excelled at solving their challenges using SharpCloud. 


“SharpCloud is a great tool for executives looking for meaningful insight across the business. Here at Network Rail our enterprise risk team has created visually intuitive business risk stories for review with the board. These SharpCloud stories have allowed us to uncover new insight, in particular around the strength of relationships between risks and projects with the added ability to dive down into details when required. Without SharpCloud these strategic discussions would be much less productive and less meaningful.” 

Helen Hunter-Jones, Head of Group Risk, Network Rail. 

How to become a SharpCloud Pathfinder 

To apply to the SharpCloud Pathfinder program, please email Nicky Clarke, Communications Manager at nicky@sharpcloud.com We want to work with you to help raise your profile as a SharpCloud expert across your business use case and a key influencer in your industry. 

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