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Agile Business framework to deliver your IT Strategy and Roadmaps

Delivering on your IT Strategy and creating your strategic roadmap requires plans to be developed and then implemented for each of the initiatives or themes for your organization and for projects to deliver them. Having a project roadmap is the first step and then you need plans to deliver. 

Project delivery methods

There are a number of methodologies and project management frameworks that your organisation could be following for project delivery. Whether it’s Waterfall, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SixSigma or much more likely a combination of more than one of them in order to look across the project portfolio of all those projectsFor successful tracking and reporting you will need to link them back to the strategic themes or initiatives agreed with your stakeholders.   

Agile business frameworks

Agile business frameworks help build on the foundation of some of these at the team level such as Scrum or Kanban. These frameworks are designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice, ensure dependencies and inconsistencies are managed and resolved and importantly synchronize the delivery across departments and multiple teamsThis enables you to address enterprise wide concerns such as security and enterprise architecture whilst also adapting to your changing business priorities. 

Real time strategic plan

With SharpCloud, not only can you build out a dynamic view of your high level IT strategy and the strategic roadmap for it, but with enterprise connectivity to products such as Jira Core and Microsoft Project Server. You can use SharpCloud to develop a real time strategic plan for teams to collaborate on and execute against. Managers can track task progress in the tools that they are familiar with such as Jira, Microsoft Project and of course spreadsheets including Microsoft Excel.

If you are already using SharpCloud in your strategic planning process to help develop your IT Strategy and Strategic Roadmaps, then I expect you’re using SharpCloud as the starting live document to drive out the next level of detail. If you’re not yet using SharpCloud, then there is no barrier as SharpCloud works well alongside your current mixed software and line of business tools. Capture all data you have across your IT landscape so that you can manage information simply within well-defined and prescriptive agile business frameworks such as SAFe or more flexible frameworks such as Spotify to plan your projects and visualise the relationships and dependencies. 

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Storytelling with Data

We have many customers using the Scaled Agile framework (SAFe). SAFe is a great example of an agile business framework where the connection between the high-level strategy and the tools used to manage delivery are very well suited and complimented with SharpCloud providing stakeholder insight and collaboration across the IT project portfolio.

Using SharpCloud to present your data and collaborate with stakeholders increases stakeholder engagement and provides your IT organisation a place from which to communicate and share strategy, its goals, and the capabilities it delivers with a strategic roadmap to get there connecting your delivery teams right from the outset to the drivers for their projects. 

Program Increment Planning

Program Increment Planning is a continuous improvement activity to enable all of your agile business teams to come together regularly so that they can align to a shared vision, discuss features, identify cross-team dependencies, define capabilities and epics for your project and set the time frames.

With SharpCloudcollaborative support for strategic planning workshops of this nature both in-person, but importantly also, remotely. It enables the Program Increment Planning session that you might have done with post-it notes and pens in the past to not only take place regardless of teams locations but also enables you to connect and feedback the collected data to the tools being used to execute as well without data and notes having to be re-keyed. 

SharpCloud provides context and direct connectivity to Jira or Project Server for the team to execute. As the tasks are delivered you can see progress against the features and capabilities to the initiative you set out to deliver as part of the strategy. E.g. Risk PIDS, Boards for planning multiple iterations and roadmap visuals. 

If your organisation is looking to improve it’s SAFe and PI planning process then we’d like to hear from you to discuss how we can help you to solve these complex business problems.

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