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The SharpCloud team share their insights into visual roadmapping, dynamic presentations and the project planning process

2018 Review - Customer unlocking new insights and value with SharpCloud

It’s been an exciting year at SharpCloud particularly with the release of our new software, SharpCloud for Enterprise.


This release has enabled users to build new strategic portfolio solutions which are helping to unlock new insights and value, and are proving to be a powerful positive disruption when compared with traditional business processes. Read the highlights below with more detail here: Meet our Pathfinders and find out more about their business use-cases.

For Innovation Management teams:

"SharpCloud has given us a very strong platform to communicate and collaborate better, and ultimately get more involved with innovation. The level of user autonomy and interaction is one of SharpCloud’s greatest features and sets it apart from other tools." Michael Barry, BMT

* save time and money and be more efficient in identifying achievable innovations, using this open channel of communication, collaboration and transparency

* pull together a wealth of resources, in a variety of different views and visually communicate it to business, public and private communities in an engaging way

For Project Management teams:

"My organization uses SharpCloud to manage our product development projects, resulting in a 10% increase in efficiency. We use SharpCloud to display and leverage data from other line of business tools, providing us with a single source of truth." - Diana Grauer, Hoerbiger

* display and leverage data from other line of business tools; JIRA, JIRA Confluence, MS Office Project, CRM system and SAP, providing a single source of truth

* reduce a lot of headaches by saving time, improving collaboration and increasing process efficiency, resulting in more informed business decisions across Project Portfolios

For Strategic & IT Roadmapping teams:

“We uphold a standard of transparency, accountability, and reliability, performing our work as a government that is worthy of the public’s trust. SharpCloud changes the way we run government.” - Todd Nacapuy, State of Hawaii

* change the way government is run and show the efficiency that can be gained from using SharpCloud

* save time, improve efficiency and provide greater visibility and interaction to how the overall Portfolio is performing

* enable the senior management team to rapidly delve into the detail of planned activities

For Risk Management teams:

"SharpCloud helps us break the silo mentality and is customisable to different levels in the organisation. It’s versatility and broad appeal as a data visualisation platform opens more doors to improvement than risk management specialist tools do." - David Shipp, Network Rail

* get senior leadership attention and enable the organisation to understand and manage the risks of achieving our objectives

* change the way you want to visualise data and bring it closer to the decision makers 

In 2019 we’d like to help more of you provide powerful strategic portfolio solutions to your business. Get in touch to discuss how we can help here: https://www.sharpcloud.com/enterprise#apply-pilot

We look forward to working with you in 2019.


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