SharpCloud is designed as visual communication software for business.

But it’s not just for business...

SharpCloud can be used by anyone that needs to communicate complex ideas in a way that is both engaging and informative.

Modern students often find themselves needing to communicate complex ideas, whether to professors or to their colleagues, and many struggle to find a way to present the detailed, meaningful data they have gathered without producing interminable, dusty reports or endless, tedious slide decks.

This is where SharpCloud comes in.


Highlight Key Findings


Visualise and Explore


Build a Presentation to
Guide Others

SharpCloud allows you to present your term paper, dissertation or thesis in a way that is not only innovative and exciting, but that makes getting your valuable points across much easier. SharpCloud allows you to show your data in a meaningful, visual way, highlighting important relationships and influences, and keeping all of your information in a place where your audience can see not only your raw facts, but the context around it.

At SharpCloud, we encourage education and innovation and to that end we're offering all students completely free access to SharpCloud. This means that you can create as many stories as you wish, and share them with as many people as you choose. In fact, we’re placing no limits at all on the use of SharpCloud by students - and it’s all completely free.

Any students wanting to take advantage of this offer should sent a photo of a valid student ID together with a brief outline of how you wish to use SharpCloud to our Academic Co-ordinator, Jules Walker, at